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About Us

Often overlooked, cities support and maintain the services and infrastructure where we live, work and play. To ensure the most optimal support of all its denizens and local businesses, cities strive to setup a system that is both fair and equitable.

Rapid technological, economic and market advancements have widened the information gap between markets and local governments skewing the equity and fairness of the system. The vast and siloed data stores distributed within departments and across firms, along with the torrent of data generated everyday has only broadened the information gap and synergies between complimentary entities.

At Deckard, we believe in the art and science of turning data into revenue for our cities and communities.

We are working to build a predictive reporting platform to help cities and institutions meet the challenges of managing data and gleaning insightful information from the vast sea of data. Our technology combines the breadth and depth of multiple national, commercial and municipal data sources to detect patterns of interest, discover anomalies and provide actionable information to local stakeholders. Deckard's patented AI, predictive analytics and data processing capabilities enrich, distills and completes customer reports with unmatched clarity to help cities significantly increase revenues.



Supported by our seasoned team of data experts, computer researchers, and software engineers, our solutions employ an array of advanced datacentric technologies to produce unrivaled, pin-point accurate information.

Our team's collective professional experience covers the fields of:

  • Data Mining: Utilizing pattern recognition, we enable our software systems to learn from the vast stores of data. By iteratively testing and tuning our systems, the models independently adapt to new data that we harvest.
  • Predictive Analytics: We use predictive analytics to make inferences about what will happen next about unknown future events. Predictive analytics encompasses techniques from machine learning, statistics, modeling and artificial intelligence to analyze current data and to forecast the future.
  • Data Engineering: Performing data science is not just designing and testing models. It requires the development of a pipeline of processes that parses, cleans and transforms timely, actionable information from diverse data sources to drive data products.
  • Systems Engineering We setup various information systems that work in parallel with our data systems to support businesses decision-making activities.
  • Statistical Analysis: As part of data analytics, we utilize statistical analysis in scrutinizing data samples to determine the shape of the data. This is just another step in our workflow to ensure we understand the dimensions of data for business intelligence applications.

Talent Wanted!

Data Analysts - Appraisers

Deckard Technologies has several openings for paid part-time and full-time appraisers and analysts to

  • Review its findings for potential escape assessment candidates
  • Analyze rental details, aerial imagery, permit and historical information to support its conclusions
  • Help validate the conclusion that an escape assessment is required

Deckard will provide our Data Analyst-Appraisers with custom tools to analyze public and private data to help detect and identify anomalies. The appraiser/analyst will utilize their experiences in property assessment to validate our system’s findings.

Data is central to Deckard's decision-making process, and our analysts are a critical component to shoring up the quality of our training data. As an analyst at Deckard, you will be in on the front line shaping the way we verify and improve operational and engineering best practices and scaling analytics methods and tools to support the rest of our technical staff. You will lead the way working with various municipalities to understand their information systems and the scope of their data.

Retired and entry-level appraisers or assessor are welcome to apply to this opportunity.

Interested? Shoot us a message on our contact form with the keyword "Analyst" and we will send you job details.


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